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 Rights Respecting School Leaders Eid and Ellen

How do the RRS Leaders affect the school?

The rights respecting leaders have affected the the school this term and last term by collecting donations for Perth food bank. Also, we put up posters and displays around the school teaching people about the ABCDE of rights.

A: rights are for ALL children.

B: you are BORN with your rights.

C: your right CANNOT be taken away from you.

D: you DO NOT need to do anything to have your rights.

E: all rights are EQUALLY important.


What are the RRS leaders planning to do in the future?

We are planning to get our gold award by the end of this year. We are planning to go around all the different classes and explain how important rights are to us. We will teach them about the UNRC. That means United Nations Convention on the rights of the child at assemblies.


We are making badges to sell at the Spring Fair on 25th March. We will donate all the money we make to UNICEF to help the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Another thing that we will need you to do if you to do if you have any suggestions, please contact Ms Douglas and we all hope you stay rights respecting and we're always open for suggestions to make our school a better place.

Many thanks,

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