Kinnoull Primary School

Kinnoull Primary School

Life at Kinnoull Primary School

Pupil Council

The Pupil Council represents the school and the view of other pupils within the school. The Pupil Council voice their opinions and their ideas to try and improve the school.

The council discuss issues about what can be improved through meetings, and questionnaires.


A selection of pupils  from each year group – p4 – P7

  • Collect/record pupils' views, ideas and concerns
  • Help to evaluate the learning in the school and evaluate how well we are progressing with our school plan
  • Discuss ideas for charity fundraising and school events
  • Help to plan information sharing events/open afternoons

in order to improve the school.

So far this term we have looked at:

  • What learning means to us
  • Which skills we develop being part of the Pupil Council
  • Reviewing the Endeavour and Kindness Awards
  • Plus... the odd moan here or there!