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Primary 7


We have had a super start to Primary 7!  Last week, we met our P1 buddies and we have been getting to know them by doing drawing and reading activities.  Our topic this term is 'The Scottish Parliament' and we are focusing on investigating rights and responsibilities.  We want to learn about the history of the Parliament, the jobs people do, how voting and democracy works and how laws are made which affect us.  We are reading 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' in class and learning about how a person's rights can be taken away.  In PE, we have begun to work on our netball and rugby skills.  Tomorrow, we are being matched with our buddies so we are very excited about that!

Written by P7, typed by Mrs D :-)


This month we have been learning about decimals, calculating, area, perimeter and measuring in real life.  Through our topic learning about the Scottish government, we have been working on a project in our table groups to campaign and get elected so we can change things around the school.  This project is called 'Going to the Polls!'.  We have now been matched with our buddies and we are enjoying supporting their learning.  With Miss Steele, we have been learning about Roshannah and eating apple and honey - a traditional food eaten at this festival.  In PE with Mrs Daniels, we have been playing benchball and developing our throwing skills, passing skills, reflexes and teamwork.

Written by P7, typed by Mrs Daniels :-)


To finish our topic 'Going to the Polls', we wrote party manifestos and election promises to use to deliver our election speeches!  We also designed a children's parliament building in an engineering challenge.  We have started our new topic 'Rockstar' and we have been making up our own bands and writing Wikipedia pages about our bands' profiles.  For our school shelter mural project, we have visited Perth Sheriff Court House and Perth Concert Hall and sketched both buildings.  In maths we have been learning about angles and how to solve algebra problems.  Our new class novel is 'A Little Piece of Ground' and we have been looking at the reading strategies; prior knowledge and metalinguistics.

Written by P7, typed by Mrs Daniels :-)


This term our new topic is China and we've been learning about Chinese New Year and making scrolls based on the Chinese Zodiac lunar calendar.  We've started our new group novels including Chinese Cinderella, The Explorer and The Titanic Detective Agency.  We have competed learning about our 6 reading strategies and are using these during Literacy Circles.  In PE, we started doing fitness skills and the '11 components of fitness' and completing an exercise programme.  Today we are celebrating Burns Day!

Written by P7, typed by Mrs D :-)


In P7 this term we have started our new group novels, some examples of these books are, The Wish List, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, The Other side of truth and The Highland Falcon Thief.  For our new topic this term we have chosen 'Dragons' Den' and learning about business which ties into our new maths topic, money and finance.  In this topic we plan to learn about famous entrepreneurs and we want to set up a class business to buy some things at the end of term.  Our new class novel is The Garbage King, which is about two boys who live completely different lives and somehow meet.  With Miss Warren, we have been discussing what we want to do this term in PE: things like going up Kinnoull Hill is on our list and going across to Bellwood to practise for County Sports.


In our final term at Kinnoull Primary, we have completed our most recent class novel 'The Garbage King' and we all now know our reading strategies and how to use them!  In our topic 'Dragon's Den' we have been learning about leadership and entrepreneurial skills investigated famous entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Karren Brady, Beyonce and Richard Branson.  In PE we have been doing our Sports Championship competitions and also County Sports.  We have been involved in a music programme with Dunedin Music and we composed our all pieces!  In HWB we have been enjoying our Biscuit Babies project and learning to what it's like to be a parent!  Last week, we had our induction days to our secondary schools and we're all set! 

This is Kinnoull's Class of 2022 signing off.  Thank you for a great time!  To infinity and beyond! 

Written by P7, typed by Mrs D.