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Primary 2


Primary 2 have had a busy start to term!  We have been learning new sounds in our spelling and revising ones previously learned, including some tricky words, to improve speed and accuracy.  In Maths we have learned about symmetry and patterns and created our own snowflakes and symmetrical designs and patterns.  We have looked at number patterns and how knowing and recognising certain patterns can help us in different areas of Maths.  We are currently practising our addition and improving the speed and accuracy of our number bonds within, up to and beyond 10.  In PE we are doing gymnastics and so far have been improving our controlled movements and landings to ensure we are being safe.  We have been reading lots of stories to improve our vocabulary and creative writing, and have been learning to use adjectives to describe the appearance and personality of characters.



During PE this week we have been using our bodies to create movements to stories.  We became toys when reading The Enchanted Wood with Mrs Jeffrey, and we took a trip around the world and got chased by a whale, a snake, a crocodile and a polar bear with Miss Warren!  Our spelling sound this week is ‘qu’ and we had great fun making duck beaks and using them to sing the 5 Little Ducks song (there was a lot of quacking going on!).  We have practised our spelling words every day in class to help reinforce our new sound. To help our writing further we have learned a fun way to remember our punctuation.  The children can show you their Kung-Fu moves! In Health we learned that everyone is different and that being different is okay.  If someone is different to you it is unkind to make fun of them.  In Maths we have started to look at estimating.



Cooperation was our big theme this week.  Introduced during PE time with Mrs Jeffrey on Monday, developing our cooperation and team working skills continued throughout our entire weeks learning.  We looked at what cooperation means and how we can practise it in class.  We made links to our class charter and how we can work together to achieve tasks.  A positive start was made and we shall continue to practise our cooperation and team working skills over the remaining weeks of term.  In writing we started to think about how we can improve our work and we explored basic ways of editing and up-levelling.  The children read each other’s work and made suggestions to help improve the writing.  They became Peer Assessors!  A useful skill to be developed further.


Learning Steps jotters will be home today (Friday) and I hope you enjoy seeing examples of the children’s work.




Phew! Lots of learning this week in P2!  We have been learning about vowels and consonants and trying to make up our own memory aid to remember the vowels; practising our new spelling sound 'th' and finding words with 'th' in them in our library and reading books; learning how to structure a thank you letter; learning about and identifying odd and even numbers; practising and reviewing 1 more and less than and grouping objects into 10s; explaining and discussing how to be a good friend; investigating different animal habitats and the animals that live there; and improving our team skills in PE with Miss Warren.


This past week P2 have again been very busy and successful learners!  We have been learning all about adjectives and how these make our writing much more interesting.  Our new sound for the week is ‘ch’ and we have been practising new words including ‘chips’, ‘chin’, ‘chicken’ and ‘church’ to name a few.  In maths we have been grouping objects into 10s and using this as a way of counting.  We have also been learning language such as ‘before’, ‘after’ and ‘in-between’.  In Health & Wellbeing, we have learned about the word ‘respect’ and how important this is and the importance of not telling lies.  We are reading The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton in class as part of our topic.  The story is getting very exciting!  It has provided an opportunity to learn about the Countryside Code and we have also been artists and created our very own Faraway Trees using tissue paper.  These will be on display soon.



P2 have had a busy first couple of weeks back at Kinnoull.  We’ve been busy learners; learning to recognise big numbers and counting in 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s, counting in French (we’ve learnt a new song and dance – ask the children!), learning our new spelling sound ‘sh’, we made birthday cards, and practiced our handwriting.  On Tuesday, M&M Productions came to visit the school and we watched their production of The Secret Garden.  The children said: “we really loved The Secret Garden”, “it was really, really good”, “the funniest bit was when the maid couldn’t find Mary”.


We will have PE on Mondays with Mrs Jeffrey and on Thursdays with Miss Warren.  Please wear PE kit to school, it saves a lot of time!


This term Miss Guthrie will be taking the class on Wednesday afternoons for Grammar and Music and on Fridays Mrs Bruce covers the class and this term is looking at Spelling, Handwriting, RME and Growth Mindset.