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Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School Life at Kinnoull Primary School

Primary 1/2D



On Friday we celebrated World Book Day - lots of fantastic costumes, reading with our P7 buddies, imaginative writing and storytelling with some parents. Thank you to all that came along and joined in.                                                                     We learned about Fairtrade and the journey of chocolate. We even had a Fairtrade chocolate tasting!                                 We have been learning about celebrations in our lives and are looking forward to next week's Kinnoull Wedding at Kinnoull Church. Look out your party clothes!


On Tuesday we had a fantastic visit from author, Jill Young. She talked about being an author and the work of an illustrator. Jill read some extracts from her book - Party Poopers which made us all laugh! It has inspired us to make our own magic potions and write creative recipes for them.                                                                                                                                We have been learning about rhyming words and the 'at' family... bat, cat, hat, sat, pat, rat...


On Monday we had a visit from Heather who works at Dundee Science Centre. Heather shared lots of interesting space facts and helped us learn lots of new things about astronauts, space travel and the International Space Station. We learned about the lives of astronauts who stay for months on the Space Station - where they sleep, what they eat and even how they go to the toilet! We watched real astronauts play football on the Space Station and the ball and the astronauts were floating around the Station! Later we experimented with dropping/throwing objects in the classroom to explore gravity.



This week we have been revising the days of the week and the months of the year. We have also been learning about carrying out a survey, collecting information and recording it using tally marks. We really enjoyed carrying out a Space themed survey today with the Primary 3 class. We are looking forward to sharing our results with them once we have created our Space bar charts.

Details about World Book Day will be sent home via email on Friday.

4 weeks to go until... World Book potato projects are due into school.



A week of wonderful P1 class talks - we have learned lots of new information and facts. We've had talks about pets, holidays, fairy gardens, Lego models, books, YouTube, sports, road signs, trains....

This afternoon we went on our first school trip and we walked to the Concert Hall. We watched 'Stan and Mabel & the Race for Space' Show. The Scottish Chamber Orchestra were amazing and we joined in with all the songs! Thank you parent helpers who came.


We are looking forward to next Friday's concert - 'Stand and Mabel and the Race for Space' with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. We have been practising all the songs so that we can join in next Friday.

Today we have been learning about the Moon and the Apollo 11 mission. Next week we are going to learn about astronauts; what they wear, eat/drink, sleep and how they move in space.



Today we have been learning about Chinese New Year; we listened to the story about the animals in the race and learned about how people celebrate New Year. We made dragon masks and created our own dragon dance to Chinese music!

A big thank you to Dean and Sarah from Pirrie Performing Arts. We loved our dance taster session this week - there is a video of us on Twitter.


A busy 2nd week back! Today we have been learning about day and night. We carried out an experiment with showed the positions and movements of the Sun, Earth and Moon. There are photos on Twitter. We had some relaxation time during Space Travellers cosmic yoga too!  We have been learning space related Makaton signs - ask us at home to share with you. Choo choo …! We learned the ch sound today, Miss Cormack said WOW when we came up with 12 words beginning with ch!


Happy New Year from Primary 1!

We've had a busy and exciting first week back at school. We enjoyed sharing our holiday news with our classmates and P7 buddies. We have been learning about money; counting totals and identifying coins. Empty your piggy bank at home and get counting! this term we are learning about celebrations in peoples lives. We explored birthdays with Ms Douglas and we learned about the Rio carnival with our buddies today. Our buddies helped us to make carnival head pieces today and we are looking forward to having our P1 carnival next week!



Yesterday in P.E. we learned the song and dance for 'in and out the dusty bluebells' and are looking forward to performing it with P2 at the Christmas party next week. During P7 buddy time on Monday we had to empty, sort and deliver LOTS of Christmas cards! We all received many cards and were excited to take them home to open and share with our families.

Tomorrow is our rehearsal for the P1 - P4 winter show and the whole school is coming to watch us perform! We are very excited!



Primary 1 are on the Advent countdown! we opened our first few days on the P1 Advent calendar on Monday. We are learning about the story of Jesus and Christmas with Ms Douglas this week. We are very busy practising our songs for the Winter Wonderland Show and can't wait to share with all the pupils in the school and our parents next week.

Reminders for next week - Bring your Christmas cards from Monday 9th Dec to be delivered.

Wednesday 11th Dec - Christmas Lunch and Christmas jumper day

Thursday 12th Dec - P1-P4 Winter Wonderland Show



On Monday in P.E., we learned to travel around the hall in different ways in time to Scottish music. We learned the Flying Scotsman dance and hope to share this with the P2 class at our Christmas party. Yesterday we learned a new sound, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! We moved around the classroom singing the  Jolly Phonics z song while pretending to be buzzing bees! Then for art we had to paint fine lines onto a zebra which was tricky and we had to take our time. Our classroom is covered in rainbow zebra now!



Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about the changing weather and the seasons. Yesterday we experimented with musical instruments to create a weather sound story. We enjoyed exploring different sounds and playing the different musical instruments. The Primary 1 Post Office is now open for business! We were inspired to create it after a visit from Kinnoull’s postman last term. We are enjoying weighing different letters and parcels and developing our writing skills and sending letters!



Yesterday we learned about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. We read a story about the dangers of fire and fireworks and came up with suggestions for keeping safe on Bonfire Night. We created amazing firework and night time sky pictures with chalk and lots of glitter! They are on display in the corridor and Miss Cormack added some photos to Twitter.  At Assembly we learned about Remembrance Day and the symbolism of poppies. Donations for poppies can be made through Parent Pay.



On Monday we enjoyed a Judo taster session with Tayside Judo Perth Club. We learned about what Judo is and then we practised some Judo hold techniques. There are some photos on Twitter.

This week we have started to learn about clocks and reading times. There are some time games/activities on the P1 homework menu which will be sent home this week.

We are all looking forward to tomorrow’s Halloween party and surprising Miss Cormack with our spooky costumes! At Assembly  we were learning about keeping safe in the dark – BE SAFE, BE SEEN!

Happy Halloween!



We are happy to be back to school after the school holidays! We have enjoyed exploring our Autumn themed classroom and spending time inside ‘Percy the Park Keeper’s tent!

Today we have been learning about ordering and we had to order the ingredients for making ‘Kipper’ cake. We then made the cake and Miss Guthrie had to taste it! She said it was disgusting! The cake’s ingredients were tomato sauce, baked beans, jam, cornflakes,  milk….

Yesterday we developed our reading and sentence building skills with our P7 buddies. It was great to see them again after the holidays and we enjoyed sharing holiday news.



Its’s been a busy first term in P1. We’ve enjoyed developing new friendships, learning lots of new things and skills, working with our P7 buddies and settling into school life. We have met lots of people who help us in the local community and thanks to all our visitors.

This week we welcomed Doctor Gingles into P1 and he helped us learn about the job of a Doctor, the different equipment they use in a hospital and all about what’s inside our bodies.

On Tuesday we had a sunny (and chilly) picnic in the school grounds at the new benches. Hopefully we can have another picnic soon!

This morning we learned about the job of a Plumber – thank you Mr Haddow. We learned about the different tools he uses and about some of things he helps people with. We learned how to bend and connect pipes. We created a giant P1 twisty pipe and Mr Haddow poured water through it… it worked (just a few small leaks)!

Happy holidays!




On Monday, Perth Amber Watch visited us. We learned about how the fire brigade help people, what equipment they use and about making 999 calls. We even got to use the real hose and climb inside the fire engine! Thank you Amber Watch. There are photos on Twitter.

Today we started to write our own ‘Dear Zoo’ stories with our P7 buddies. We had to make a plan showing our illustrations,  sentences and the materials we hope to use. We are hoping to share our finished stories next week with some of the other classes.

This afternoon we welcomed lots of parents into the classroom and we demonstrated excellent listening, sharing and turn taking skills when playing games.



We have had a super day; we had a visit from the Police! We have learned about their job, what to do in an emergency situation and finger printing! We got to explore the Police van and even climb inside it! There are photos on Twitter. We are excited to find out who our next visitors are going to be.

Reminder – P1 Information session is on this Thursday at 2.45 – 3pm for P1 parents



Monday was a very busy day in P1! We developed our rugby and team working skills with Aidan from Perthshire Rugby Club. Then the school nurse came to visit and helped us learn about flu and ways to stop germs spreading. In the afternoon, Ms Ballantine helped us develop our listening skills through songs and rhymes. We have been learning about different ways to communicate with people and are learning some Makaton signs. Yesterday Kinnoull’s Postman came to visit and we learned about his job and Royal Mail. We even got to go into the Royal Mail van!



This morning we have been learning about patterns; we made different patterns using pegs and peg boards. We also created butterfly patterns!  We are learning about people who help us this term and we began by sharing who helps us in our homes. We enjoyed talking about it with our classmates and sharing our home pictures with Miss Guthrie.  Miss Cormack is organising lots of different visitors from the local community to come and visit us and help us learn about their jobs. A big thank you to the parents who have volunteered to come in and talk about their job. Hopefully some more still to come!

We have enjoyed getting to know Primary 7 over the past few weeks and we will miss them while they are away. We will find out who our P7 buddy is next week and we’re very excited about it!



P1 have settled quickly into school life at Kinnoull. We’ve been busy learners; learning new Jolly Phonics sounds, numbers, songs and lots more. Yesterday we enjoyed watching ‘The Secret Garden’ show and learning about being kind to others. We met Miss Warren (P.E. Specialist Teacher) on Thursday and had fun developing lots of skills through a story she read us. P.E. days for P1 are Monday and Thursday so remember to wear your P.E. clothes on those days. On a Wednesday, Miss Douglas helps us with our French and R.M.E learning. The P1 learning tree will be on the school website next week and it shares the P1 learning for this term. Also P1 homework menus will be emailed to parents – have fun with the activities and remember to send any photos to the school email address so that they can be shared in class.

Keep a lookout for the P1 photographs in the Perthshire Advertiser and Evening Telegraph!