Kinnoull Primary School

Kinnoull Primary School

Life at Kinnoull Primary School

Primary 1/2D



This week P1 have been learning j and ai sounds. we are beginning to blend sounds together and are doing really well. P2 have been learning about what a noun is. They have been completing a sentence by filling in the missing nouns. We have all been adding. We have used Hit the Button game on the smartboard, dice games, puzzles and cubes to help us. We have enjoyed learning about badgers and watching some live video clips of a family of them playing at night.



P1/2D have focused on doubles and addition in maths. We have also been counting in 10s, 5s and 2s.

We have learned about what nocturnal means. We have drawn and labelled nocturnal animals and birds.



P1/2D have enjoyed being back at school after the October holidays. We had fun talking about what we did in the holidays and sharing news with each other. We have started our new topic "The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark" by Jill Tomlinson. We have read the story and talked about how the dark makes us feel. We have been practising telling the time this week. Using terms o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We are looking forward to taking reading books home to share with you next week. Each child will have a reading book and a word list to practise. Have a good weekend!