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Life at Kinnoull Primary School

Celebrating Success

We share and celebrate our many achievements and successes everyday at Kinnoull and it is an important part of our learning and development.  Our rewards complement our 'Growth Mindset'  approach to learning and reflect the Four Capacities of Curriculum for Excellence;

  • Successful Learners,
  • Confident Individuals,
  • Responsible Citizens,
  • Effective Contributors.

At the end of each academic year we have our prize-giving ceremony where some of our awards are presented.


"Stars are awarded for many reasons to children in P1 right the way up to P7.  You can earn stars for trying hard, producing a good standard of work, helping others, showing respect and even holding open doors!  When you collect your stars, you can earn certificates which are presented in assembly.  These are Bronze (50 stars), Silver (100 stars), Gold (200 stars) and Platinum (300 stars).  Start collecting!"    Primary 7,  May 2017

House Points

"House points for Garry, Isla and Tummel can be earned and added to your overall house points total.  You mainly earn house points for lining up, completing work in house groups, Sports Day and winning house challenges.  The house who earns the most points at the end of year wins the House Champion Cup."    Primary 7, May 2017

Cup of Kindness

"The Cup of Kindness is awarded at the end of the year to someone in each class from P1 to P7.  This is a special award because the person is voted for by all their classmates and is highly thought of for being kind, supportive and showing respect to others."    Primary 7, May 2017

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Cup of Endeavour

"The Cup of Endeavour is awarded to one pupil in each class ranging from P1 to P7.  This award is earned by the person who always strives to achieve their very best and never gives up.  To achieve this award, it is important that the person is ambitious across all their learning e.g. in literacy, health, PE, maths, French and helping with the life and ethos of Kinnoull.  The class teacher chooses who gets the Cup of Endeavour."     Primary 7, May 2017

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School Sports Champions

"At Kinnoull we have a Girl Sports Champion Award and a Boy Sports Champion Award which can only be awarded to a Primary 7 pupil and is based on winning points.  In the last term of P7 we compete in track and field events at Bellwood and win points for gaining first, second and third place.  From August 2017 you will also earn 3 points for getting onto the school football, netball and cross country teams.  The PE teacher can give up to 3 points for challenging yourself in PE and showing good sportsmanship."     Primary 7, May 2017

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Dux Award

"The Dux Award is only given out in P7 to someone who has achieved very high standards across all of their learning whilst being at Kinnoull.  This means they have not just been successful in maths and writing but also in Health and wellbeing, French, Science, RME, PE, Music and any other subjects and topics they have covered.  The Dux should have also been involved in other school activities like sports, music and Responsibility Groups as many skills are developed through these opportunities.  It is also very important that the person has been a good role model for all other pupils, shows respect for other pupils and adults and demonstrates good behaviour as this is also part of our learning.  The class teachers, Head Teacher and Principal Teacher decide together who gets awarded the Dux and sometimes it is given to two people!"     Primary 7, May 2017

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Curriculum for Excellence Award

"The Curriculum for Excellence Award is awarded at the end of Primary 7 and is given to the person who has shown responsibility, commitment, kindness, dedication and determination to contribute to the life and ethos of Kinnoull.  They should always be willing to encourage and support others and take on challenges to push themselves, help others and make Kinnoull Primary the best place it can be!   They should grab every opportunity and be willing to give anything a go, taking their learning seriously and achieving their best in everything that they do.  Being a positive role model and showing a high standard of behaviour is a big part of it too.  We want the Curriculum for Excellence Award to be given to a person who 'goes the extra mile'.  The Head Teacher, Principal Teacher and class teachers discuss and decide who deserves the award."     Primary 7, May 2017

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