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Fairtrade Group

The Fairtrade Group  are working towards being a Fairtrade School some day!  Our group is run by Mrs Daniels. 

There are 3 awards to work towards and we are working hard to get the first award - the Fairaware Award.  

1.   Fairaware Award

2.   Fairactive Award

3.   Fairachiever Award

How do we get the Fairaware Award?

  • We have to carry out pupil and teacher audits to see what we already know about Fairtrade. 
  • We also need to carry out a product audit about any Fairtrade products we use in school e.g. Fairtrade tea & coffee in the staff room, Fairtrade cotton uniforms, Fairtrade footballs in the PE cupboard and Fairtrade bananas for snacks!  
  • We have to do a Fairtrade project like a fundraiser or a school assembly.
  • We are collecting Fairtrade packaging to see how many products we use that are Fairtrade - please send any packaging in and give to the Fairtrade Group!